A downloadable game for Windows

There's something in the water.

It's no easy task to dive into the waters of the subconscious and face the Shadow that resides there, but it is a necessary task in order to grow as a person. Take a plunge into The Deep and make your way through all the blockages - and be careful, because the Shadow lurks, ready to pull you down with it into the darkness...


  • WASD - swim 
  • E - escape from Shadow / pick up rock
  • Enter - reload game
  • Escape - close application

Thank you for playing! Please leave feedback if you've got a few seconds :)

This project is made for my graduation at HKU.


Deep_build_0.0.1.zip 20 MB
Deep_Build_0.1.0.zip 22 MB
Deep_Build_0.1.4.zip 22 MB
Deep_Build_0.1.5.3.zip 22 MB


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Having a lot of trouble with the second breakable wall and the monster. Often he grabs me in really weird positions and throws me in a seemingly random direction. Sometimes the way I was coming, other times the opposite way. The movement is a bit weird, not bad but moving up and down feel different, so maybe making that feel  the same. Cool concept, cool character, wonky mechanics.